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Easy Things To Do To Achieve Effective Golf Swings

The score that you put on your scorecard on the 18th green will ultimately be decided not by how many 30-foot putts you made but by how many effective golf swings you made. While golf instructions seems to be getting more and more complicated, legions of golfers are crying out for simple tips that are easy to implement and will make an instant change in their swing. Here are some pieces of advice that you can apply to build a more effective golf swing:

  1. Start as you mean to go on
  2. Get your aim correct. Many amateur golfers hit good, straight shots that end up in trouble because they were aiming poorly. It is galling to hit the ball straight but to find plunking in the water because you are aimed there. Getting aimed correctly is easy once you put a couple of clubs down on the ground while you are practicing to create an imaginary "train track" leading to the flag.

  3. Relax
  4. Tension in the address position is a killer. Avoid white knuckles on the club by lightening your grip. Stick your tongue out and breathe to avoid tight shoulders and a hunched over back. Remember that tight muscles move slowly and loose muscles move quickly so you will generate more power by loosening up.

  5. Clubs that fit
  6. Everybody is built differently. Some people are tall with long legs while others have short legs and long torsos. If we all have different anatomy, why do golf clubs come in one standard size off the rack? Of course, it's much cheaper for the manufacturer to not have to customize every club for individual golfers. But like the difference between a cheap suit that hangs off your frame and well-fitted custom piece, getting your clubs tweaked to your specifications makes a world of difference.

  7. Hold your follow through on all shots
  8. Every swing, whether a full-blooded drive, a short chip around the green or a 10-foot putt should finish with you posing at the end of your swing. Holding your follow through achieves the following: it ensures that you finish in balance, it helps keep your head still and forces you to commit to the shot 100%.

  9. Turn baby turn
  10. You should be using the big muscles in your body (shoulders, back and waist) to power your swing and hit the ball not the small muscles in your hands and arms. As they say in golf instruction, "the dog is wagging the tail rather than the tail wagging the dog". Focus on turning back and through the ball correctly and you will put more power into your shots and hit the ball straighter.