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The Best Way to carry out a Downslope Bunker Shot

Most golfers refrain from playing a downslope bunker shot. Although it is not very difficult to play this shot, but you need to concentrate on a few basics of the game to make this golf shot simpler. First, you need to get the golf ball slightly more upwards in the stance. You will be taking the same box and strike the match along with other things. The only difference is that your shoulders should be congruent with the angle of slope.

In case you were on a flat surface, your shoulders could have been on the same level. However, the downslope bunker shot require you to have a little tilt in your shoulders. If you do not tilt them, you would hit a fat golf shot. It is also important to take a wide stance for a downhill shot. You will need significant support for your body since you might exert more weight on the left side. When you have a firm foot with your front foot, you will find yourself with a downward swing on the slope. Therefore, it is important to have more stability on the downhill.

The standard bunker shot

For a standard bunker shot, take your feet turned outwards and bow your knees so that you have a lower center of gravity. Put your weight forward and open the stance a little. Bend and soften your arms and open the clubface with your hands slightly neutral or forward. Your elbows should stay in touch with the body such that your hands come closer to the body when you swing the clubhead. Now, thump the golf course using the base of the club. The head of the club should overtake your hands during the follow through.

Long bunker shot

The only difference with a long downhill bunker shot is that the face of your club should be square and your backswing should be longer. You can also hit the gap wedge to take a similar swing as that of a standard shot.

Buried bunker shot

For a buried bunker shot, keep the face of your club open as much as possible. Now tilt leftwards attempt to get your right shoulder a little higher than your left shoulder at the setup. Your clubhead should ascend faster and leave the head of your club in the sand. The ball will come out softer in place of being hot.