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Practical Advice On How To Choose The Right Golf Resort

So Many Options

Choosing the right golf resort can be tricky. You have to decide based on the information presented to you by a travel agent when you are in a different country and you don't have a feel for the place. This article will help you make the best choice so that you can enjoy your golfing holiday to the max.

Family & Friends

If you're bringing the family with you, consider if the golf resort has a kid's club. If you're brining the family Labrador or snake, find out if the golf resort is pet friendly. Does the golf resort offer excursions? Some people go on holiday to interact with the local culture and they hate being stuck in a resort all day. If you want to get out and see the country, make sure that the resort organizes such trips.

Sun, Sea and Sand

Does the resort have a private beach or is there a beach close by that you can walk to? If tanning is not your thing, is there a town near by with some shops to buy souvenirs? Often you will find that many resorts are very spread out and about and are far away from everything.

Other Sports

Golf might be your first love but other members of your family might loathe it. Does the resort offer other options for them to entertain themselves? Activities such as:

  • Tennis
  • Watersports
  • Horse riding
  • Gym ­– if you are not getting all the exercise you need from your golf
  • Pool – if you want to have a relaxing swim after your round
  • Health spa for your wife girlfriend to pamper herself while you are playing 18 holes


Consider the course located at the resort. Is it difficult or easy for your handicap level? Does the resort have a golfing academy? If so, do they offer lessons? Is there a driving range where you can hit some balls to warm up before your round? How close is the golf course to you accommodation? Many resorts require you to get transport to arrive at the course.

For The Workaholics

If you are bringing work with you or if you plan on entertaining clients, does the resort have a business center? Is there free Internet at the resort? I can tell you, it's really annoying to have to carry a laptop around to find a signal.