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Finding A Perfect Destination For A Family Golf Vacation

The Perfect Place

Your destination can make or break your family golf vacation. Choose the right place and you will all have a great time. Get it wrong, and everybody will want to go home and when people back home ask you "how was your golf holiday"? all you'll give them is a terse "don't ask".

Here are a few tips that will help you research, analyze and choose the perfect family golf vacation destination:

Extra-Curricular Activities

What is there for the non-golfers? Are you the only golfer in your party or does everyone like to play? If you are the only one that loves the game of golf and your wife and kids would rather watch paint dry than hit drivers, you need to make sure that the hotel and surrounding area has plenty to do.

Here are some things that you should look out for when choosing the right area:

  • A beach nearby
  • Shopping facilities - either a mall or a town where there are shops
  • A water park
  • Zoo or other wildlife available to see
  • Local tours of historical sites and towns
  • Here are things you should look out for at the resort/hotel
  • Kids club
  • Tennis court
  • Swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Wi-Fi, televisions etc.

A Family of Golfers

If however, everybody in your family does like to play, you want to make sure that the course caters to all ages and levels of golfers.

  • Do they have ladies and junior tees? Is the course not too hard that players of all ages can play?
  • Is there a smaller, 9 holes par 3 course where beginner players can learn the game?
  • Is there a teaching academy where the family can receive lessons on learning the game?
  • Does the course have golf carts to help you get round the course if you have elderly family members in your team?

Europe and The USA

Here are two popular destinations that we recommend: Florida and the Algarve region of Portugal. Both have plenty of courses to choose from. Many teaching academies for learning the game - The Leadebetter Academy in Florida and the Paul Mcginley academy in Quinta Do Lago in Portugal.

One final tip: Check the local weather and climate of our target destination, you might be fine playing in 40degree heat but your children might find it difficult.

Research well and pull the trigger when you find the right destination.