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How To Have A Good Swing Tempo – Quick Golf Tips

For The Most Consistent Shots

Maintaining a solid tempo in your swing is one of the first things to master in golf as a beginner. A smooth and even tempo throughout the round will help you control the ball flight and make consistent shots at every hole. While tempo is important, practicing it is not an easy thing to do. This is because it differs from player to player. While some golfers use an aggressive and fast tempo, others go for a smooth and slow tempo. Irrespective of the type of the tempo you pick for your play, it needs to be even all through your swing and consistent too. Here are a few effective tips.

Tip # 1

Swing tempo varies from person to person and can be fast, slow, medium, or any other speed in between. When a player starts swinging more faster than the normal speed, the errors in swing are minimized, but the game is at risk of falling apart, if there is further increase in tempo. This can happen when you are under pressure to perform. Find out the reason for your tensed state and alleviate it, so your swing improves.

Tip # 2

Grip pressure should be loosened up to let your body parts act in harmony. With faster swings, your swing mechanics can become complicated and exaggerated resulting in changing your perfect swing into the worst ever swing. To refine your swing tempo, you need to work on getting your balance, rhythm and timing right. When you relax and concentrate on getting your ball to the target, you can get the tempo right.

Tip # 3

Practice continuous swings, so you know your rhythm and tempo. Make sure you do not hurry while swinging from finish stance to top of your backswing.

Tip # 4

Your practice swing should be done slowly as you swing backwards and forwards. The main thing to avoid is jerking and moving the swing too fast. This will make you fake the complete finish posture, as the normal momentum is lacking. With slow practice of the swings, you can control the speed of the swing and this is especially needed for fast swingers.

Tip# 5

One good way to refine your tempo is to record the swing, and watch the swing for the trouble spots. When you watch the swing on video, you can easily identify the points where the tempo slows down or speeds up. This will help you smooth out the rough points and get an even tempo.