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Efficient Forearm Strength Exercises For Golf Players You Should Try

In golf, a strong forearm is very important to hit the ball a long way down the fairway. Moreover, strong forearm ensures you’ve a good grip on the club, which is essential for hitting clean strokes. You can noticeably improve your swing just by exercising and strengthening the forearm. Here are a few efficient forearms strengthening exercises that every golfer should try.

Wrist curls with dumbbell

Let’s start from the most basic forearm strengthening exercise. For this workout you can either use a dumbbell, a soft drink can or bottle as weight. Rest your forearm on a table in such a way that the wrist is at the edge or sit on a chair and rest your forearm on the leg. Curl the wrist up, as much as you can, and then take it the other way (i.e.) down. You can do this palm-up, palm-down, or with the dumbbell pointing upwards. This exercise will make your wrists and forearms stronger. It’ll also improve your control over the stroke.

Single arm, wrist curls

This one is similar to the above mentioned workout, but without the dumbbell or any other tool. The initial few steps are the same, either rest your forearm on a table or sit in a chair with the arm resting on the leg. Make a tight fist with the exercise arm. Now, use the palm of the other hand to hole down the exercise arm, and then try to curl the wrist. Do this exercise 10 times and reverse the role of the arms.

Wet towel twist

Even a wet towel comes in handy for the purpose of strengthening your forearm. With both the hands hold the wet towel near the edges. Begin by having both palms facing upwards and twist in opposite directions. Repeat the motion 10 times, and then change the grip so that both the palms point downwards and repeat the exercise. Finally, the third position is to have one palm facing up and the other facing down.

Lock and Pull

Bring both hands close to your chest and Interlock the fingers tightly. Now, use your arm strength and try to pull both hands apart. Begin slowly and gradually increase the effort. While your forearms are pulling in the opposite direction your fingers must resist the pull. This strange exercise is surprisingly very effective. Bear in mind you might hurt your fingers if you’re not careful.

Hand crumpling paper

Take a newspaper or any paper that’s of no use and crumple it into a ball using only one hand. Crush it as hard as you can. Repeat this with the other hand. The hand crumpling paper exercise will strengthen your fingers, wrist, and forearm.