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Simple Advice On How To Find Good Green Fees For Your Next Golf Break

Green fees are an important aspect of your golf break. Some of us remain confused about the exact concept of green fees. This amount refers to what the golf courses charge from the golfers for allowing them to play at their place. Now, you must be able to recall the list of amounts you saw last time on the brochure of a golf course. Green fees for individual courses depends on the month of your booking, the days of the week you want to play, the time you want to play at, and your status as a golfer. You would be typically charged more at the weekends than on weekdays.

How to find discounts on green fees?

  • You have already read that you would find more discounts on the weekdays than on weekends.
  • Often, if you play late in the day, typically after 5 pm, and it is doubtful that you would be able to complete the round of 18 holes or not, you will find heavy discounts on green fees.
  • If you are visiting the golf course during off season, you will be happy to save insane amount of money.
  • Normally, the junior golfers as well as the senior golfers also receive heavy discounts.
  • Also, if you are a member of the golf club, you will be given more discount than the guests.
  • There are many courses, which do not make it mandatory to play all 18 holes. They also offer, of course, lower green fees for a 9-hole round. Recently, many golf courses have also started offering a package of 12-round golf.
  • Some courses offer “player fee” rate, which means cart fee plus green fee.

How do golf courses charge?

There is no fixed standard of green fees charged by different courses. Some of the golf courses may charge as less as $15, even today. On the other hand, you will find some of the best golf courses charging no less than hundreds of dollars. It all depends on the current condition of the golf courses. The luxurious ones are well maintained and of course, charge higher for maintenance. But, there are some times of the year, when you can find superbly heavy discounts at expensive courses as well. You must keep checking the websites of such courses. Another way is to be in touch with an agent who deals in such packages. You can even call the course you want to play at, and ask for discounts, if they are offering any.

Payment and booking

After you make the booking for tee timings, you must visit the clubhouse or the pro shop to check in and make the payment. The green fees have to be paid in advance.