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A Quick Overview Of The Best Golf Courses In Spain

Spain plays host to some of the finest golf courses in this part of Europe, if not the rest of the world. There is a very good reason why so many people these days make it a point to visit Spain in the event that they are looking for a really good golfing experience. When you come Spain, there is so much more to this trip than the golf. This is a country with a diverse culture and the people here are amazing too. Therefore your golf holiday can easily turn into a tourism experience of a lifetime.

In as far as golf tourism in Spain is concerned there are so many amazing hotels here from where you can seek residence and accommodation when you are looking to enjoy a good round of golf. When you are planning your trip, make sure that you think about some of the hotels that you want. You can even consult your travel agent to help you make a good choice. However, irrespective of the kind of assistance that you will be able to get from your travel agent, one of the most important things that you should never forget when you are planning this trip is that by the end of the day, it is your budget that will determine how much you will get from the trip in as far as having a good time is concerned.

  • Sotogrande
  • Real Valderrama
  • PGA Catalunya
  • El Saler
  • Finca Cortesin


This course is perhaps popular due to the fact that it is one of the best designs by Robert Trent Jones, apart from which it is the first ever European course he ever designed.

Real Valderrama

Perhaps one of the most common reasons why this golf course is popular with a lot of people is because of the fact that it really is a common course on TV, having hosted a lot of major tournaments in the past, including the Ryder Cup.

PGA Catalunya

It took more than a decade to build this course in a bid to rival the Sawgrass course. This is the ultimate European Tour course so far.

El Saler

From as early as 1968 this course has been a must visit for players, and even featured in top spot in Continental Europe shortly after it was opened.

Finca Cortesin

This course is popular perhaps because of the view of the Mediterranean Sea.