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How To Have A Perfect Wedge Play Setup In Golf

A versatile club

Your wedge is the club that will give you the most birdies and save you the most pars during the course of your golfing career. You will hit the wedge shot more than any other in your golfing career so learn to enjoy it playing it and get the set up right from the beginning.

In this article, we are going to discuss the philosophy behind the set up position and then delve into the specifics of how to set up perfectly.

Ready for impact

Everything you do in your wedge set up should pre-set the impact position. Let me ask you, what position is your body in at impact? Here are some of the specifics:

  • Hands ahead of the ball

  • Hips (and perhaps shoulders) aiming left of the target

  • Weight on the left side

  • Left side clearing and turning out of the way

Because a wedge swing is a short swing, we don't have a lot of time to get into the impact position so we need to "pre-set" as much as possible at the address.

The checklist

Below are the specifics of your set up for a wedge swing:

  • Ball exactly between your feet. Measure the distance between your heels and place the ball exactly there

  • Weight on the left foot. We do this because we want to hit down on the ball with a descending blow, not up like a driver.

  • Turn the left foot out. Swivel on your left heel and point the toe out around 30 degrees. This is so you can turn out of the way quickly at impact.

  • Hands ahead of the ball. Again, we want a descending blow where the ball is squeezed into the turf.

  • Move your hands down the grip to adjust the distance of the shot. If you want to take distance off the shot, move your hands down the grip a little.

  • Your posture will be more over the ball. Because the wedge is a shorter club, you will be closer to the ball and your head more over the shot

  • Open your stance. This helps you turn out of the way quicker coming in to impact

  • Grip the club lightly. The wedge shot is not a shot to hit hard or put lots of power behind it. Having a soft grip will give you more feel.