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A List Of Long Drive Tips To Help Inexperienced Golf Players

Understanding the basics when it comes to long drive play can make a difference on the golf course. It comes down to having a unique understanding of how to use your equipment, establishing a great golf swing, good setup and approach and keeping things in realistic perspective. Overall, these elements will help to improve how you play the game. Here are a few points to consider when working improving long drive tactics. When going into your backswing make sure your left shoulder is behind the ball before going into your downswing. Doing so allows you to measure the height of your club while sustaining good control of your swing without overdoing.

  • Have your back aimed at your target when the club is in the air. This helps keep your body in line with the target line while limiting risk of hitting a slice. Doing so also ensures the shoulder of your lead arm is in position and in line with the ball.
  • Your body should have smooth rotation from start to finish of your swing. If you end up hooking the shot consider turning harder toward your left. If you don’t have smooth rotation it could lead to a closed clubface. A smooth rotation ensures your swing will be complete with the right tempo.
  • Ensure good tempo and speed of your arms as you complete your swing. This element is important because it helps establish better ball control. Your arms should guide your hands with your club to make solid contact with the ball.
  • Have good grip pressure to help neutralize your shot. Gripping too much on the club can create tension you don’t want when you swing. The right amount of pressure helps establish a good swing with the right tempo.
  • Practice throwing the ball to get an idea of how to hit it with your club. Throwing the ball is a great way to get an idea of your own physical power. This gives direct insight on far you can hit the ball with your golf club. You can do a few throws to get an idea, then consider what to change in your swing to reach or surpass length of ball thrown.
  • Keep practicing. This element takes time to develop. You will see improvement as long as you stay consistent with your efforts and point out faults in your play you can change.