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A Step-by-Step Guide on how to make a 60-Yard Bunker Shot

Amateurs often struggle with swinging hard at bunker shots of greenside. The decelerating motion through the sand tends to shut the face of the club and makes it dig. You can accelerate your golf club on your downswing with the right arm and try to make its shaft draw level with the left arm. Afterwards, you just need to keep the clubface open so that you can spank the sand using the backside of head of the club. This will also help your golf club glide through sand to push the golf ball out.

You must know the dimension and proportion of your bunker swing; it must be in the ratio of 3:1 compared with the wedge shot of the fairway. You can say that you just require a swing to hit your golf ball 60 yards from fairway in order to yield a 20-yard shot of bunkers.

The distance factor

The toughest bunker shots that need both the constituents to achieve distance and survive the sand are the most complex of all. It has to be hit roughly from 60 yards. One of the common mistakes is to choose a wrong golf club. The automatic budge to sand wedge is not correct and golfers know it deep down that the club is not the only thing responsible to hit a far away shot.

The sand wedge comes with plenty loft; it is fabricated to assist golfers attain the height they require to overcome the face of a bunker. The golf club cannot let you achieve great distance, definitely not beyond the bunker. If you face a 60-yard shot, you need to choose a club with enough loft to overcome the sand and it has the capability to hit the golf ball to the target distance.

Selection of the club

You face a critical choice if you have to get through the 60-yard bunker. Possibly, the best way out while dealing with 60- yard bunker is to observe if it has a steep face, the chances of which are very few. Therefore, you can pick up a 9-iron to play this shot. However, you cannot stay relaxed once you select the right golf club. This bunker shot still needs the technique required for the greenside bunker. You can take vaguely open stance and keep your weight on your front foot. You must not panic and just walk to the golf ball and slow down without halting at the shot.