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Free Advice On How To Perform A 30-Yard Bunker Shot

The ball landed in the bunker that’s 30 yards from the pin, so now you’ve to play a shot that gets the ball on the green or as close to the pin. Although, most people consider this a tough shot, you can execute the shot with ease if you know how to play it. Keep in mind you’ve to be at the top of your game to successfully pull off the 30-yard bunker shot. All you’ve to do is follow our advice and in no time you’ll become a master of this really tough golf shot.

  • The margin of error is so small with this shot that either too little sand or too much of it will both result in an inaccurate stroke. You can prevent scooping too much sand by getting the stance right. Take a slightly narrower than normal stance with your feet nicely dug into the sand. Balance is very important in this shot. By digging the feet, more particularly the heels, you prevent the toe from turning, resulting in loss of balance. Two-third of the body weight must be on the front foot.
  • The ball has some distance to travel, 30 yards of it, so keep your hands forward of the ball and the clubface square.
  • Try to achieve good contact with the ball. Visualize a line just an inch from the ball and make it the spot where the club makes contact with the sand. The purpose of doing it is to get the ball to hit the middle of the clubface. Off the course, in the practice area there are no restrictions, so instead of visualizing the line behind the ball, you can draw and practice the 30-yard bunker shot.
  • To gain better control over the stroke, the backswing must end when the club is perpendicular to the ground. Any swing that takes the club further back will increase the probability of an inaccurate shot.
  • Consistent, smooth swing path is vital to achieve an accurate 30-yard bunker stroke. To get that swing path keep your left arm straight during the backswing.
  • You don’t have to do anything special to get this shot right. Play a relaxed downswing, employ the normal knee flex, and don’t try to hit the ball too hard. Give the swing a full finish; you’re looking to get the ball as close to the pin as possible and to do that you need a full finish.