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The Easiest Method To Increase Your Short Game Accuracy

The ease with which you can play golf and score good results will often depend on how accurate you can be as a player. There are a lot of players who struggle with accuracy for one reason or the other, and when you come to think deeply about this, you will realize that most of them simply do not know how to do the right thing at the right time.

Learning to play the short game is important, it will even make it easier for you to improve on so many of the other fronts that perhaps you are struggling with. However, you have to be committed and dedicated to this so that you are in a really good position to play better. Increasing your accuracy when you are playing the short game is an incredible opportunity for you to improve your game in golf in general. There are some simple procedures that once you follow, you will never have to struggle with this again.

  • Improve the wedges
  • Understand your current position
  • Consistency

Improve the wedges

It would really be awesome if you were able to learn how to improve on your wedges. You can try by learning to hit the individual pitching wedges from different backswings. Once you are able to do this, you can then proceed to other things.

Understand your current position

It is really difficult for you to try to improve on something that you do not already know. Improvement is all about starting from somewhere, and then you build on that to become better. The same applies when you are working on improving your short game accuracy. You need to first off understand where you stand. How many yards are you able to make from different positions? Once you have figured this out, it will be much easier for you to work on improving your style and your game in general.


You need to be consistent when you are playing. Consistency is one of the most important things that will help you become better. You have to be consistent even in your training and practice. This is so that you can be sure not to undo the progress that you have already made in your game, and it will also help you become sharper as you keep on playing. The more you do this, the better you will become.