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Strategies For Planning Low Cost Golf Holidays In Portugal

I suppose, like every golf enthusiast you too want to plan an unforgettable golf vacation to Portugal, but the thought of emptying your savings is stopping you. Never give up your dream vacation because of the financial burden you might have to endure. In this article, we share strategies to cut costs where it counts.

Save on Flight Tickets

Save on flight tickets to Portugal by booking 6 to 8 months prior to departure. Most airlines open their booking window some 11 months prior to the day of the flight, so you don’t have to worry about availability. Furthermore, it usually takes airlines another 4 to 5 months to gauge the demand and jack up the price of the tickets. All you’ve to do is be the early bird and scoop up tickets to Portugal before it gets pricey.

When to Visit Portugal

The best rates on golf courses and hotels are available just prior to the peak seasons. Portugal offers the best weather to play golf in the months of March to June and from mid-September to mid-November. Demand for accommodation and tee times are high during these two peak periods. If you don’t mind playing during off season, say at the peak of summer and just before the onset of winter, you can extract huge discounts from hotels and courses.

Buy Package Deals

Booking flight tickets, hotel rooms, tee times separately can quickly inflate the costs. Package deals are considered to be the most cost effective by a large number of tourists. There are many tour operators who offer golf holiday packages to Portugal. These deals include air tickets, accommodation, car rental, tee times, and sightseeing services. Most of the golf resorts and hotels offer their own packages that include rooms and golf tee times. You can either buy a comprehensive holiday package or avail the deals offered by golf hotels and buy flight tickets separately. Your final decision must depend on your needs and convenience.

Booking Car Rentals

If car rental service isn’t part of your vacation package, then you need to make special arrangements. Search for car rental services that are located in and around the golf destination you’re going to visit. Visit their website and check special offers, if they provide any. Most resorts and hotels provide car/taxi rental service at very affordable rates, but if they don’t, ask them to recommend a reputed local rental service. If you don’t plan to venture out every day of the trip there is no point in hiring taxi service for the entire duration of the trip. You can save money by availing taxi for just the days you want to go out.