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General Advice On Planning Your Summer Golf Vacation

Summer is fast approaching and like every year your friends are coaxing you to plan a golf vacation. A golf getaway is a wonderful way to spend time with your friends, but the hard part is planning a vacation. Before you enjoy a memorable golf holiday, there will be many obstacles you need to overcome. The group members will each have different demands and expectations, so you’ll have to make adjustments and find a middle path to have everyone on board. Planning a summer golf vacation will take some time, but the following advice will make the process a little easier for you.

  • Tip 1: A small part of the Iberian Peninsula – Portugal might look petite, but it has more golf courses than you can ever imagine. Let’s just say it has some of the best courses in Europe. As much as you want to visit all the popular courses in Portugal in a single trip, it’s not possible. Discuss this issue with the group members; they might have their own list of ‘must play courses’. Evolve a broad consensus on this subject and decide on the best golf courses to play in Portugal.
  • Tip 2: You’ll have even a harder time choosing accommodation for your golf vacation during summer. Some people opine that nowadays resorts have become more like airlines. They have started charging for everything – Wi-Fi, parking, etc. Yet another big change that has come about is that resorts and hotels have started to adopt demand-based pricing (i.e.) if the demand for accommodation increases during summer, the prices will increase too. So, plan well ahead where you’re going to stay. Consult with your fellow travelers and once you’ve decided on the resort or hotel, book it as soon as possible.
  • Tip 3: Want to save some cash? Adopt the minimalist attitude while packing. Some resorts have their own golf courses and they offer very affordable golf package to its guests. Find out if they offer add-on services like free buggy, golf balls, free golf club rental, etc. If so, then your friends and you don’t have carry clubs. Keep in mind that most airlines charge extra for golf clubs and also you can’t hold them responsible if anything happens to the golf equipments. Not only that, your group will have to pay more for extra baggage. Pack light to reduce the overall cost. Obviously, it’s impossible to plan every little detail of a golf vacation. So be prepared for some surprises during your summer golf vacation.