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Easy Solutions For Hybrid Play Distance Control For Inexperienced Players

Playing with a hybrid club has its advantages. When new to the concept it helps to understand how the hybrid club can be used to your benefit based on personal skills. This type of club is common to use when more distance is needed in a shot. Yet, knowing how to control distance is just as important. As you assess yourself on how well you can play with a hybrid, consider making changes to your approach to see the improvement you want. It also helps to get tips from an instructor or experienced golfer who can give tips to help you get better results.

Time the Shot

One aspect that can help in distance control with a hybrid club is timing and how to do so properly. When you hit the ball you should have an idea how long it will move and what amount of time it takes to get closer to its target. How you hit the ball can affect how long the ball moves. Depending on how it is hit it could help in controlling how far it moves.

Get in Good Position

A good position may include a few elements such as ball positioning and stance. These elements help you approach the ball with good reasoning and mental planning. Think about how your body needs to be positioned behind the ball. Consider positioning of the clubhead as it comes in to make contact. How does your stance play a role in help you approach the shot with the ability to control the ball?

Understand How to Swing

In this case it helps to have a preferred method of swinging. You should also pay attention to how your swing starts and how it ends. How do you go into your backswing and downswing? These elements can play a role in how much power is created behind the ball. This means if too much power is generated in the swing you will have a harder time controlling distance of the ball. At the same time, you don’t want to fall too short when creating the shot.

Keep Practicing

The only way to really get results is to practice. Make practice swings with your hybrid. This can be done at home or on the course. Complete a few practice rounds at the local course and consider drills to help control distance.