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How To Hold Your Golf Club When Making A Putt

One of the main aspects in golfing is your grip on the putter, as that is the main contact between your body and the golf club. So the grip on your golf club is a pretty much important factor in you becoming a successful golfer. And that is the reason, coaches tend to give more importance to kids and newbies on the importance of holding the putter in the right way. Because these are the basic aspects of golfing, and needs to be learned in the right way from the start of their golfing career.

Experienced and seasoned professionals knew exactly how to hold their putters in different positions under different condition. Each and every player have their own way of holding their grip on the putter, as it’s always a personal preference. But the basics need to be learned on how, where and when you need to change your grip position to achieve greater success.

Reverse Overlap Grip

If you can closely follow the steps explained below, then it is pretty obvious that you can learn to hold a solid grip on the putter. Even though putting is one of the easiest strokes in golf, it is never easy, and it had brought great players careers to their end. A great putt never means that it will reach the hole every time.

The reverse overlap grip has been welcomed by most of the professional golfers, as it provides them with a greater chance of making the balls into the hole. And one of the most important aspect of a reverse overlap grip, is the putter face is in a perfect square within the ark of your stroke.

3 simple steps to master the reverse overlap grip

  1. First step is to place your left hand and place it on the handle of the putter
  2. Secondly, place your right hand on the putter, so that the fleshy part is placed on the flat area on the grip. So now you have both your hands wrapped around the handle, except your left index finger
  3. And the last step is to move your right hand a tad below on the handle, so that the thumb on your left hand is fully covered.

Once you tend to practice this position for some time, you can definitely see a marked improvements on your putting abilities.