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Iron Play Golf Tips: Finding The Perfect Ball Position

Practice the stance in accord to the club length

It is a difficult task to change the position of the golf ball when you use different iron clubs. When you play with an iron club, you have to assume the distance to hit the ball accurately such that it covers long greens.

For instance, when you are playing with an iron club you swing a 9-iron club to cover 130 yards of the golf course, while you may cover 140 yards as well if you tweak the position of the golf ball.

You can also play the ball from the same position and cover a particular distance on the golf greens. At address, the ball should be placed parallel to the length of the club in relation to the body stance. If you use a longer iron club, you must adopt a wider stance. Your right shoulder will bend a little lower than the left one to adopt a wider stance.


When you use a 5-iron club, you must place the club shaft parallel to your shoulders. The widest stance adopted by a golfer using an iron club is not more than 2 inches away from the shoulders. When you use a 9-iron club, you must place your feet narrowly aligned with your shoulders at a measure of at least 2 inches. The foot position during a wider stance includes placing your lead foot at an angle of 25 degrees aligned with the aim.

Ball Position

To hit a perfect drive using an iron club, a golfer should place the ball parallel to the leading foot. You will gradually move the ball backwards when you adopt a wider stance with different iron clubs. If you are using a 9-iron, you must place the golf ball 2.7 inches behind the target line.

Amateurs and beginners must adopt a wider stance and place the ball backwards slightly and not exceeding 5 inches behind the target line.

Distance from the ballĀ 

Standard measurements regulate the ball position in relation to the use of iron clubs. The toe of the leading foot must be placed at a certain distance from the clubshaft and directed towards the central ball position. On an average the foot size measures up to 11 inches.

If you are using a club driver measuring about 45 inches, you must place the ball up to 36 inches away from the club. Similarly, the distance of a 9-iron club is about 22 inches, while a 5-iron is placed at a distance of up to 26 inches.