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Golf Setup Essentials: Position Of The Hands

It's Not Sexy, But It's Important

In this article we will discuss what is known is golf as the "set up". The set up refers to how you stand to the ball and how your hands are positioned on the club. These fundamentals are where most swing faults begin. Before you even hit the ball, you should make sure that your fundamentals are solid. All great players practice the fundamentals over and over again. No matter how many major Tiger Woods has won, he always works on the basics.

Breathe & Relax

Remember that your hands are the only thing in contact with the golf club so getting them right is important. You want your hands and forearms to be relaxed; we don't want to see any squeezing or any white knuckles on the club.

Matching Wrists

As you are standing over the ball addressing it with a club, look down at your hands on the club and make sure that the angle on the back of the each wrist is equal. We don't want any major cupping or bowing at the back of the wrists. If you have a similar angle on the back of both of your hands it means your hands on the club in a neutral position.


There are a variety of different ways to hold a golf club - the interlocking grip and the vardon grip are the two most popular. Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy are three players who use the interlocking grip. Players such as Arnold Palmer, Nick Faldo and Ernie Els favor the vardon grip.

Having a neutral hold on the club is more important rather than the type of grip you choose. A neutral grip will have the back of the left hand facing the target and the palm of the right hand to facing the same way. If you have both of these facing the target then you can be confident that your hands are in a neutral position.

Hands Ahead

Remember that the higher the club, meaning the more loft the club has, the more your hands will be ahead of the ball at address. For example, for the driver your hands will be level or slightly behind the ball while for the 9-iron, your hands will be slightly ahead of the ball.

A good grip on the club is the first thing you should get right when you start playing golf. Just remember to relax and place your hands in a neutral position and you're set.