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How To Use A Rescue Golf Club To Improve Your Scores

Perhaps you’ve tried hard, yet mastering long irons still remains a dream for you, then it’s time to try something different. There is a new type of club known as the rescue club or hybrid, specially designed to replace the long irons. This club promises an easier learning curve and better results. Yes, you’re right – better results. If you don’t yet know how to use this club to improve your scores, then here are a few pointers to help you.

  • Use rescue clubs as a substitute for long irons. Certain long iron clubs including 1-iron, 2-iron, 3-iron, and 4-iron are tricky and difficult to handle. The rescue club, as the name indicates, rescues you from long clubs. It’s a blend of irons and wood, which means, golfers can hit the ball high in the air, yet not fear too much about mishits. These are powerful clubs, so golfers need not use too much muscle to gain distance. Also, with this club there is less chance of the club head turning at impact.

  • Another situation that demands a hybrid or rescue club is when the green is bordered by a hazard. When trying to land the ball on the green from a fair distance away use the rescue club. Apart from enabling you to hit the ball a long distance, these types of sticks also ensure the ball lands softly (i.e.) there will have less bounce on the ball and the chance of it ending into a hazard also diminishes. By reducing the chance of overshooting the rescue club improves your scores.

  • Hybrids or rescue clubs also come handy while hitting out of the bunkers or rough. On most golf courses you’ll find bunkers close to the green. This requires very precise hands to generate enough power to get the ball out of the bunker at the same time not to shoot over the green. With rescue clubs you need not be as skilled as the professionals. You can hit the ball from the sand with power and accuracy with this type of clubs. The stiffer face that the rescue club has helps negotiate the rough terrain in the course.

You might be an amateur, professional, or any standard in between the two, a rescue club is a priceless addition to your golf kit. It’ll add versatility and accuracy to your game and vastly improve your shot making ability. We’re absolutely sure that with this club you’ll surely and quickly improve your score.