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Impressive Golf Tips And Drills For Children Making Progress

Young people are hungry for information and their minds are very impressionable. Parents and golf instructors’ needs to be very careful in providing the right type of tips and drills that can help them make the right choices. In this article, we’ll share with you a few important tips and drills for children making progress.

  • Children are free spirits; we can hardly make them follow strict rules. Forcing them to obey rules will only affect their moral and progress. Golf courses impose a bunch of rules on players; imposing these strict rules on children would be an injustice. Hence, if you want your kids to freely practice golf, then take them to the golf course and driving range in the evenings. The time before twilight is often less crowded and you can allow them to swing and enjoy golf without much restriction.

  • The fundamentals of golf – the grip, posture, stance, etc. are new and very confusing to the kids. To develop their interest in golf, don’t force them too many technical details early in their golf lessons. Allow them to freely express themselves the way they want (i.e.) don’t force feed them the nitty-gritty details of the grip or any other golf fundamentals. Once they start liking the sport they’ll slowly and willingly learn the technical aspects of golf.

  • Applaud more and criticize less – is the way to deal with young golfers. As we’ve seen earlier, to build their confidence parents and instructors need to make their time on the course or driving range fun and enjoyable. For example, when they play a great shot, applaud and appreciate their performance. On the other hand, if they play a bad shot, instead of giving them a long sermon, say something positive about the stance, setup, swing, etc.

  • s The saying ‘action speaks louder than words’ is very true. Don’t give verbal instructions on how to play a shot, instead show them how it’s done. In golf, visual teaching is the best method to show young kids the nuances of different golf shots and techniques.

  • It’s never too early to learn the chip and putt shots. It might take young kids some years to develop strong muscles and hit long drives. When they are young, a good short game can help them make steady progress and gain confidence. There are many excellent drills for kids that focus on the chipping and putting. Use the Clock Drill, Pull Back Drill, and Ladder Drill to improve their putting skills. The Chip To Par Drill and Over The Bag Drill are fun techniques to teach them the chip shot.