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General Instructions on How to Utilize Golf Rescue Clubs

The hybrids are much more capable of than you think

Rescue golf clubs, also known as hybrid clubs, are like a godsend gift to many golfers, particularly when they grow older and cut down on much of our pace of club heads. These clubs have allowed many golfers to stack away the long and medium irons. You can hit regular shots as well as difficult shots with hybrids and achieve the good amount of satisfaction. However, you must know the important things to remember to hit accurate shots with rescue clubs.

  1. Location of the golf ball in address
  2. The rescue clubs have a low midpoint of weight. Thus, you need to position the golf ball further back in your stance. Typically, you will be capable of getting your ball into the air easily. In addition, when you hit the golf ball on the descending stroke, it gives to two advantages:

    • It becomes easier to make a standard contact during the impact, because more surface area of the ball is exposed to the rescue club face.
    • Also, when you hit the shot with the descending shot, you can impart backspin and achieve better command of the golf ball when it reaches the green.

    The position of the ball for many golfers can be compared to the iron play. However, if we take the makeup of the club into account, there is much lesser challenge for getting the ball into the air than you would do using long irons. With rescue clubs, the club velocity is reduced to a great amount.

    They are also a lot different from the fairway woods. If you place you ball back in the stance using a fairway wood, you will end up in a low punch golf ball. This golf shot may be handy occasionally. But, if we go by the rules, this is not what we want from a fairway wood.

  3. Golf swing with a rescue club
  4. Depending upon your flexibility, you can carve out various angles of the ball flight by adjusting your stance and your grip on the club. For example, when you have a lower grip on the rescue club and a narrow stance, you can make a steeper plane of golf swing. It will make the shot pop out on a better height and shorter roll, which any golfer would definitely want on their approach to the green.

    When you keep your feet wider and a flatter swing with the ball placed just slightly more forward in the stance, it will be the best position for the longer fairway shots and still allow maximum control over the ball.