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The Most Effective Strategy To Get Rid Of A Golf Shank 

Shank is a dreaded word to golfers. Some feel that if they develop a shank, whereby the ball comes off the club at a steep angle; they can tend to think they might never get rid of it. It is not true of course but it is worth knowing the root cause of the problem and the way to solve it just in case it happens to you in the future. After all it does tend to come from nowhere all of a sudden. Suddenly all confidence seems to drain from those who do not understand what is happening. Their swing can crumble completely.

What has happened is that they have hit the ball with the hosel of the club, where the face joins the shaft. What is happening is that they are moving the club head further away from their body than it was in address. It is more likely to happen with short irons and wedges where there is less chance to correct things before the strike.

Why has it happened?

  • You have shifted your weight forward from heels to toe so your body leans forward and your club likewise away from you.
  • You are too close to the ball so you cannot turn properly.
  • You are swinging outside to in.
  • You are turning too much which results often in an open club face.
  • Your hands are in front of the ball.
  • You are too far back on your heels

What are the solutions?

  • Concentrate on balance; you will have achieved that before unless you have always shanked the ball in which case you will have given up the game years ago.
  • Try to avoid a cramped stance.
  • Just relax to ease any tension.
  • Practice deliberately hitting the ball off the toe of the club. Likewise try to shank intentionally so that your body and mind understands the difference from what was your normal swing.
  • Use artificial aids on the practice which you will hit if your swing path is incorrect.
  • If you close your stance slightly you should start to hit the ball inside to out. At the same time your hands should be rotating properly.
  • Practise with a towel under your arms to maintain connection between arms and body.

If you have never shanked the ball you are lucky and hopefully you never will. Don’t despair if it happens. You can cure it you know.