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Golf Vacation Planning Secrets: Booking Your Tee Times

The Internet has transformed life in so many ways. It took a while for people to get used to the idea that they could actually spend money online and even longer to trust the security of their private financial details in order to do so. Primarily in the early days the World Wide Web was the place that people went to for information; it was and still is far more convenient than going to the local reference library. Just about any transaction can be done online these days and certainly the travel industry and everything associated with it has changed completely. When it comes to golf, it provides plenty of detail on every course and usually the chance to actually book a tee time there and then.


The first decision a golfer needs to make is where to go to play. The ideal group for a golf holiday is four or a multiple for four because fourballs are not only fun and competitive but if a course is busy the pace of play will suit. A couple playing golf on a busy course will inevitably find itself waiting to play on a regular basis and it is pointless to go through because a similar thing will happen ahead.


Places like the Algarve have quite rightly become popular. The courses are excellent and the climate ideal for virtually all the year. Portugal is less than 3 hours away from many regional airports in North and West Europe so golfers can fly early one morning and play later the same day. It even means a weekend away with just a single nights’ accommodation is feasible with two rounds of golf and back to work Monday morning.

Book Online

Once the decision on location has been agreed by those intending to play, it is a simple exercise to go online and look for more information about the courses in the region. Websites are a major marketing tool these days and that has not been lost on golf clubs that are happy to welcome visitors. Many clubs not only provide images to attract attention they also use the interactive facility that the Internet provides to have a calendar so that visitors to the website can see any vacant tee times and make a booking online. It couldn’t be easier. The whole holiday can be booked, paid for and confirmed sitting at home.