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Expert Advice on How to Find an Accommodation for a Golf Holiday

There are many alternatives than you think are possible

When you plan to go for a long golf holiday with your family, the first obvious worry that gives you wrinkles on your forehead is the heavy cost of accommodation. They are extremely expensive in most cases and claim a major part of your holiday budget. Nobody wants to spend a fortune on hotels, especially when you know that you do not have to spend the whole day in the hotel room. After choosing a cheap flight, the second thing in our mind is to find a cheap accommodation. We have listed a few great options, which you can use to find a cheap but good accommodation for your golf holiday.

Ask your friends

We know that have gone through Google several times to find the “seemingly” best accommodation for you. But, internet reviews can sometimes mislead you. They often show the best reviews on the top. The best way is to adopt the old school method. Ask your friends about the hotels who have already gone to the same destination you are planning to go. They can definitely give you an insight of the place.

Stay with a local

There are many people in cities who offer their house as accommodation to the travelers. There are many websites which let you interact with the locals, who offer the space. The benefit is that you save more than 80% of your hotel budget and you get to know the undiscovered places of the city, which are never mentioned in the travel guides.

If you are worried about your security, you are absolutely right. But, the websites are also concerned about your safety. They filter the houses through their own security checks. They allow various levels of personal verification. You can also read previous traveler’s comments and reviews on the profile you are looking. Positive reviews assure you of the safety and hospitality of the house owner. You can also check out the pictures given in the profiles.


You might think that the hostels are dirty, messy and that they are mostly chosen by the young travelers. But, you might like to change your perception. Hostels these days have upgraded their standards and offer facilities equivalent to hotels. You can also find single room with a double bed if you are travelling with your spouse. There are many travelers in their 60s who live in a hostel. You might also make lifetime friends in a hostel.

Home Exchange

This is a very good option for older travelers. The system works fine with those who own a home. You can swap your house with someone for a week or a month for free. You might again question the security of your house. But, the websites which facilitate this program also verify the profiles of those who sign up for home exchange. Moreover, you have to trust the other party because they also trust you while exchanging their house.