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Easy Golf Driving Tips for Seniors Who Want to Learn Something New

When the golfers advance in their age, very few of them can keep up the zeal to learn something new. The reason for this is the lowering energy in the body and lack of enthusiasm. However, studies have shown that most American golfers are keen to learn throughout their life and they want to improve their game as much as possible. This article aims at giving a few driving tips to the senior golfers.

Turn out your right foot to avoid swaying

If your body is too stiff, this tip is particularly good for you. If your hips have decent flexibility, you can avoid turning out your right foot. Now, if your foot faces forward, it means that your hip must be in neutral position. When you turn your body while you take the backswing, your hips must have good flexibility to keep your hips in neutral position. In any case because of pain or stiffness, you are not able to keep your hips neutral, you can compensate by swaying your body rightwards.

Swaying in backswing happens when the body moves on the outer side of right foot in place of remaining on the inner side. This can relieve the duties of the hips, but may prove awful for your game.

Strengthen the golf grip

By strengthening the golf grip, you can increase power in your game and improve the flight of your ball. If your body is stiff, but you require more force, you need to improve the quality of power by intensifying your grip. It will assist you in drawing your golf ball slightly more than normal. You just need to rotate your hands a little on the right of the golf club.

Move the ball backwards slightly in the stance

You can have a greater scope of hitting the draw, if you set your ball up slightly backwards from the normal position of set up. You might have heard this advice before, but there is a warning this time. You need to set up for drawing the ball just when the weather is warm and ground is hard and dirty. Normally, when you strike the draw, your ball will emerge out at a little lower position with shorter flight of the ball. However, you receive a big boost of distance with rolling. If your age is more than 50, you might struggle with lower flight of the ball.