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The 4 Fundamentals Of Hitting A Knockdown Shot

One of the most reliable shots in the game of golf is the knockdown shot. It comes in handy when you are trying to keep a ball low or if you need a safe shot to hit when you’re swing just is not feeling right. Here are four key steps to hitting the perfect knockdown shot.

  • Align the ball in the back of your stance

  • Keep your hands in front of the ball

  • Clear hips to drive the ball

  • Cut off follow through

Align the ball in the back of your stance

The most important key to keep the ball flight down is to align the ball in the back of your stance. Put the ball about 2-3 inches inside your back foot at set up. This allows you to keep the face a touch closed at impact to drive the ball at a lower trajectory.

Keep your hands in front of the ball

The ideal position to hit the knockdown is to form a straight line from the ball to your left shoulder. Your left arm must remain straight throughout the shot. This is the step that keeps the club face closed as it comes through impact.

Clear hips to drive the ball

When attempting to keep the ball flight down, the most common mistake is stop turning your hips and trap pull the ball. In order to prevent this, you need to ‘clear’ your hips at impact. This means your belt buckle needs to be completely facing the target as your club comes through the ball. This also creates a bit of a fading ball flight, so plan your shot accordingly.

Cut off follow through

The last key component of the knockdown shot is the cut off follow through. Your club should not elevate above your shoulders. This is essential to successfully execute a knockdown shot. Cutting off the finish is the final step to keep the ball down and controlling the ball flight.

You see knockdown shots each and every week on TV. The pros rely on this particular shot heavily when they’re not feeling completely comfortable over the ball and need an accurate shot to fall back on. Follow these four steps and you can hit these shots perfectly, too! Remember, put the ball back in your stance, keep your hands ahead of the ball, clear your hips, cut off your follow through, and you’ll hit the perfect knockdown.