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Important Things To Keep In Mind If You Want To Purchase A Gap Wedge

Research indicates that almost a quarter of all golf shots are played with the help of a wedge. This suggests that a wedge is an important part of every game of golf. They can help you to save pars or create birdies. However, wedges can also create problems for golf players who struggle in the green, just because they are not playing with the right wedge for hitting their shots. Therefore, it is vital that the wedges you use in your golf game should assist in your scoring as well as add to your sport.

Wedges may look like basic clubs that are not much advanced in technology, like irons or a driver. However, this is not really true. There are different types of wedges with different specifications, which help you to tackle different types of situations in a game of golf. This means that first you must do proper research and then buy a wedge as per your needs and swing.

One of the many wedges is the gap wedge. As the name suggests, gap wedges are used to fill the ‘gap’ between the sand wedge and the pitching wedge. They are also referred to as GW in short and occasionally called Utility Wedge (UW) or an Approach Wedge (AW).

Gap wedges are largely used for playing fuller shots, so that they can bridge a distance gap as well as provide more variety close to the fairway for pitches that do not include longer chips and a full swing. Apart from this, there are other things too in a gap wedge that you must keep in mind while you are going to purchase one for your favorite sport. Just read on to find out these significant points.

  1. Different names
  2. When you go to purchase a gap wedge, remember to mention its other names too, so that the shopkeeper can get a real idea of what you really need. This includes utility wedge or an approach wedge.

  3. Loft
  4. A wedge loft is the angle made between an imaginary vertical line and the wedge face. The more lift is there on your wedge, the more elevated your shot will be, thus making the ball fly higher with a less distance. When you go to buy a gap wedge, make sure that it has a loft of roughly between 50 and 53 degrees.

  5. Bounce
  6. The bounce is the angle of a gap wedge from the sole’s front edge, which is the bulky bottom part in relation to the green during the club’s address. The bounce angle of a gap wedge can be anything between 4 and 14 degrees.

  7. Wedge finish
  8. The finish is the finishing of the surface done on the metal head of a gap wedge. You can purchase a gap wedge in any finishing, including chrome, black nickel or gun metal, rusty, or satin metal. Among these, the rusty finish in a gap wedge helps in adding grip to the shot during impact.

With these tips and tricks, you can purchase a perfect gap wedge for yourself.