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Chipping From The Bunker: 5 Quick Golf Tips

A relatively unexciting shot made exciting

Among many shots in golf, chip shot is also quite famous. It is played from just next to the green. It is hit lower and very close to the ground. The ball is usually a few yards away from the putting surface. When you hit the ball, it pops in the air, hits the ground and rolls forward.

Chipping is the quickest way to lower your scores. If you manage to hit a chip, you can save the par. An amateur might miss 9-10 greens during a complete round of 18 holes. Improvement in chip shots can be achieved drastically. Follow these tips for improving your chipping:

Employ your hands

For a good chip shot, you have to hinge your wrists. It means that you swing your hands in a way that the club is up above the grass. It should hit down in a descending motion. A very brief movement is needed to pop the ball out of the grass to make land on the green.

Take only one club

It is not preferable to use many clubs to master a chip shot. Use only one club, such as a sand wedge and practice chipping with it. Employ proper techniques and you will master many shots with only one club. Moreover, a single tool gives you more confidence over time.

Reach the green anyhow

Every chip shot is not created equally. Some shots are hit from the green’s side portion to a hole which is located just in the center of a putting surface. Many other chip shots are hit from the rough patch on a downhill, where you will find the hole next to the edge. You have to evaluate the circumstances every time and make a choice for the kind of shot you are going to hit.

There should be a single aim that supersedes everything before you execute a chip- the next shot should be a putt. Do not end up hitting the ball that lands on a rough patch again.

Take a decision to putt from a certain location

Before you hit a chip shot, go to the hole and ascertain where you need to putt from. This will simplify your job. If the hole is located on a slope, you would definitely want to see that you putt uphill.

Play the long rough as you would do in a bunker shot

If you find your ball at the bottom of a long grass, you can try using the techniques that you apply in bunker shots. Try to pop the ball up towards the green. Position the clubface as open and use a bigger swing to fly the ball in the air.