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A List Of Must-Play 18-Hole Golf Courses Near Albufeira

In the event that you are like most of the players who enjoy their golf, you will be thrilled by the allure of Albufeira. There is nothing more intriguing than this. One of the most important things that you are supposed to think about is how much fun you are going to get out of this. Albufeira in Portugal is one of the best golf destinations you can think about. There are so many amazing courses here that will be worth your while.

From time to time, you will come across those who have been able to enjoy one or two games or even more, on some of the courses here. In the event that you are interested in playing on an 18-hole golf course, there is nothing more for you to think about than the prospect of playing on none but the best there are in Albufeira. One thing that you will need to try and figure out is which of the amazing courses that are available here, will be the best option for you. This is an important thing, because there are quite a number. The following are but a list of some of the best that you will find here:

  • Oceanico O’Connor Jr.
  • Oceanico Faldo
  • Pestana Vale da Pinta
  • Morgado do Reguengo
  • Vale do Lobo
  • Pine Cliffs Golf & Country Club
  • Salgados Golf

So what really makes these courses stand out? We took some time and tried to understand what makes the difference between these courses and some of those that you will get anywhere else, and the results are amazing, to say the least. The following are some of the main reasons why you need to think about none other than these courses:

  • Properly maintained
  • You will hardly come across any other course that is as properly maintained as these ones are. It is also for the same reason that you will be able to realize that some of them have hosted some of the high profile golf tournaments that you normally see on TV.

  • Challenging courses
  • Before you come to play on some of these courses, you must be ready to appreciate the challenge that comes with playing here. From the water bodies to the bunkers, the intrigue is nerve wrecking. Therefore when you come to play on some of these courses, you need to make sure that you come prepared, highly prepared.