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Golf Holidays In Spain All Inclusive: Great Ideas For Players

Golfing destinations in Europe

If you want an unforgettable golfing holiday in Europe, there are many options: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, South of France, etc., are ideal if great weather is your priority. If, on the other hand, you want to brave more unpredictable weather, you still have the UK, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Austria. Estonia, The Czech Republic, and so on.

Avoiding the rain in Spain

Spain as both a holiday and a golfing destination has everything to offer: great climate, a short flight (just 2-3 hours from the UK), tourism infrastructure that has been welcoming golfers for over 50 years and many famous golf course such as Valderrama - located in San Roque and the host course for the 1997 Ryder Cup match.

Advantage of All-Inclusive golf holidays

At an all-inclusive golf resort you can enjoy an array of foods and drinks, whether local or international. You'll be glad you don’t have to go to the supermarket to stock up on breakfast foods.


Consider the following when you book your all inclusive golf trip to Spain:

  • Is the golf on site? Is there a spa for you to rest your weary bones after you finish your round?

  • Is it near the beach?

  • How far from the airport and does the hotel provide airport transfers?

  • Are there special deals for other members in your party such as children or a group discount for a large group?

Boots on the ground

Many hotels will have their own golf packages, so you can go directly to the hotels rather than to a golf travel agent. Alternatively, you can do the opposite and approach a golf course first, then ask them what hotels they recommend. Being local and knowing the area, they will be in a much better position to give you suggestions based on their knowledge of the area and the experiences of other golfers who have had all inclusive breaks there over the years.


Many golf courses require you to have a handicap to play, so make sure you take care of this in advance by sending them your handicap certificate (scanned or ask the secretary at your golf club to do it). You can also book your tee times online to ensure you get your favorite course and at the time of day you want to tee off.