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How to Get a Good Discount on Your Golf Package

It’s easy to save money and still enjoy

Golf is an expensive sport, no doubt. Still, there are several ways, by which, you can save your hard-earned savings and keep them for your next vacation. Utilize your dollars wisely instead of shelling them out indiscriminately. Go through the following tips to double your enjoyment with half the money.

Discounts on accommodations

The first thing to do is to save on accommodations. You are not going to spend whole day sleeping in your hotel room. Thus, look for an affordable but convenient hotel. In addition, keep checking the websites of 3 star-5 star hotels, well in advance. Many hotels offer discounts for limited periods. You might grab a good catch if you come across such discounts.

Find discounted tee times

You can find discounted tee timings on the websites of various golf courses. Book your session during these times. You will save a lot. Usually, during early morning and early evening timings, discounted sessions are offered.

Practice putting and chipping for free

Many golf courses that are open to public have putting green and chipping areas, which are free for public use. If you become an expert at putting, you can significantly improve the score. You will be able to eliminate three-putts. Similarly, you can practice chipping into easy putting range in free chipping areas. It will reduce the number of strokes and hence, you can save money.

Save money on equipment

Resist the temptation to buy the latest golf clubs offered by the manufacturers. Buy previous years’ models of clubs. They are as good as the latest ones. You can also buy online. There are thousands of options available online that can save you a lot of money. Over and above, you can also look for second hand equipments online or buy it from a friend.

Do not hire a cart

You can save a lot of money by not riding a cart. It is a cheaper as well as healthier option. In the end, you will feel good, mentally as well as physically, after all that exercise.

Buy a stand bag

If you walk on the course or travel by a cart, you will be more than happy to invest in a golf stand bag. They are lighter and smaller than the cart bags. They also come at a lesser price and fit easily into a cart as well.

Take lessons in group

You need to learn golf before you become a pro in the game. But, paying the fees of golf professionals can be pricey. So, convince your amateur golfer friends to take lessons with you in a group. The split fees will put much lesser strain on you and others as well.