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No. 1 Golf Tip On How To Get Rid Of Pulled Shots

Adopt the correct stance

A professional player is scared of the pull shot. When you hit the ball using your 7-iron and it strikes the bunker on the greens, you are upset. Professional golfers with a strong upper-body rotation normally hit the pull shot. A right-handed golfer usually becomes a prey of the pull shot because of irregular transfer of body weight as well as rotation of the upper body during the swing.

Pull Shot defined

This shot begins towards the left of the target, the ball rolls in the same manner continuously. The main problem with this shot is that the ball does not offer any turn and approaches the left side of the course greens. The angle of attack and swing at impact determine the pull shot; the swing travels from outwards to inwards over the ball when the club is facing an angle that is parallel to the target.

Many golfers suffer from the hang back pull shot – in this shot the golfers place their entire weight on the back foot and rotate their hands excessively at impact.

What causes the pull shot?

There are several factors contributing to the pull shot. You may have placed the ball too much in front of the stance. The alignment of your shoulders is parallel to the left of your target. When you place your golf swing at an extreme height, you have the risk of a pull shot. When you are taking the backswing, one shoulder remains intact. The steep downswing places your club directly over the ball. Your shoulder and hand work in accord to create a greater impact.

The best tip to get rid of the pull shot

  • Ball position: Keep the golf ball in the middle of your stance.
  • Body Posture: Keep the shoulders aligned with the target in order to form a square pattern.
  • Body Weight: Shift a little body weight to your right foot at address.
  • Distance: You must keep away from the ball for more rotation during the swing.
  • Accurate Swing: You must rotate your shoulders in their entirety during the backswing. In this way, you prevent the chances of early downswing.
  • Downswing: During the downswing, your clubface will be directed towards your right side at impact. Therefore, prior to the impact, you must transfer more body weight on the front foot.