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5 Long Game Drills To Help You Become Great Golfer

Playing a good game of golf depends more on hard as well as smart practicing techniques than only talent. The following long game drills can be practiced by any level of golfer, professional or amateur to expand their comfort zone as well as reduce their handicap.

Practice the Full Swing

You must deliberately practice the swing before playing any shot, based on the working technique on the particular day. For instance, if you wish to work on upright backswing, practice the new technique quite a few times, and repeat the rehearsal while hitting the actual shot. You will develop strong motor skills that will make you mindful about the entire process of swing.

Dead Aim

Imagine yourself practice on a 9-hole or 18-hole golf course without the putts. If you r drive is the first hole, use the 6-iron and the wedge successively; select a certain target for the shots and practice your regular pre-shot procedures. You can change the clubs randomly and assign a score for each shot. Your aim must be to achieve a higher score with each shot.

Chipping Distance

When you are on a practice green, you must try to chip 5 or 6 balls from varied distances to the target hole. Repeat until you hit all the balls at a club-length distance from the hole. Another alternative is to try to hit the target using the steel portion your club.

Try putting from a 5-ft distance and make 50 shots consecutively, restarting from 0, if you miss even a single shot.

Try using half wedges

An ideal weekend for a golfer is one when he hits wedges from a distance just less than the full length. Choose distances at random and practice hitting at least 10 balls on the target. You score a point if the ball lands at a permissible distance, i.e. 15 or 30 ft.

Reach your target even in the sand

It does not serve your purpose if you carelessly blast sand shots when you are in golf practice. You must select a precise goal to sharpen your golf skills while playing in the sand. Therefore, opt for a competitive radius surrounding the hole, such as 10 ft or 50 ft, on the basis of your skills. Use a minimum of five balls; blast all the shots within the selected radius. You will score 2 points for a hole-out, 1 point if the ball falls within the radius and no points for any other shot. The game is over when you achieve a score of five points through five swings.