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4 Instant Cures To The Most Common Iron Play Faults

Playing a huge drive is fun. Swinging speedily, hitting the ball high up in the air, and seeing your scores rise is the feeling that cannot be equated to anything (if you are an active golfer, you would know this). However, all this is a waste, if you cannot hit the green in your second attempt. Driving your golf ball is fun, but it is worthless if you don’t know how to back them up with the right techniques of iron play.

So, learn how to play the perfect iron shot with these 4 tips. Not only will they educate you about some of the best techniques of iron play, but will also help you to avoid the most common faults of iron play.

4 best cures for iron play faults

  1. The setup
  2. The most common fault of iron play is to bend from the back and take the wedge from the wrists. This is an incorrect setup. You should always bend from your waist for a better stance, instead of your back. And, the club should be held with your arms during the takeaway, not with your wrists. Your back should be straight, but not rigid. Your spine should incline towards the golf ball, with a correct swing and posture. Follow this posture till the impact. Additionally, the inclination should take place in your hips, and not your waist. Balance your weight equally between both the feet and keep your hands in front or above the ball, not behind it.

  3. Downswing or backswing
  4. Golfers don’t realize the correct position of their clubhead. They put it above their head or take it too far from their body. Moreover, their downswing is not appropriate. However, this is not the right approach for iron play. Your iron should be over your back shoulder, when your backswing is at the top. At the top of your backswing, your left arm should be straight. You can bend a little, in case you cannot turn entirely or if you have a habit to cast the iron.

  5. The release time
  6. Many golfers don’t know when they should release their iron. Nailing the correct timing is difficult, although it is the key for an effective iron play. A timely release is essential for producing accurate power and shot.

  7. Weight
  8. One of the most common iron play faults is the improper distribution of your weight during a backswing. Your weight should not be put on your front foot or reverse pivot; rather it should shift to your back foot. A proper shift of weight will enable a full twist, not a glide. Turn so that your weight moves to your rear foot. Your hands should not be anywhere close to your body. At the top of your backswing, move your upper body away from the aim. Also, your left shoulder and your head should be behind the golf ball as per the target.