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4 Golf Swing Tips To Improve Your Short Game

Practice, practice and practice

A golfer, whether a professional or an amateur, needs regular practice to hone his skills to perform at a consistent level. To master the short game you must practice the pitch shot, chip shot, lob shot, as well as the bunker shot

The chip shot

To hit a good chip shot, you have to make the ball travel a distance that is near the golf green. The trajectory of the ball flight will also be low. The ball position is the crucial factor that determines the distance the ball will travel. Place the ball at a minimum distance of 2 inches from the target. In a short game, you have to hit the low chip shot. Keep the ball aligned with the centre of your stance.

Place 80% of your body weight on the front foot, bend the club ahead of you, and grip the club with a flat wrist using the left hand. Align your shoulders in line with your hands when you take the backswing. You must rotate your upper body completely; the club head will remain below the hands. In the downswing, you must lean forward when you finish the swing and the shaft should be parallel to the left hand. Keep a flat wrist throughout the downswing.

The pitch shot

To hit a perfect pitch shot, you must ideally use the pitching wedge. Otherwise, you can even use a sand wedge having lesser loft. The ball position and stance is critical to hit a perfect pitch shot. Ideally, you must stand at a distance between 3 and 30 yards away from the target.

You must practice the stance and downswing regularly if you want to master the pitch short. Stand close to the golf ball and adopt a narrow, open stance so that the ball travels a longer distance.

Ensure that you have a weak grip when you are hitting the pitch shot to increase the control at impact. Place a majority of the body weight on the left side to get a good backswing. Swing your hands in such a way that the hands are parallel to the club shaft, when you take the backswing. Continue the normal hand movements when you are taking the downswing.

The lob shot

Take a golf club that has higher loft, preferably the lob wedge for this shot. Adopt an open stance where the face of the club will be aligned towards the right side of the aim. Keep your shoulders and feet towards the left side of your target.

The golf ball should be placed ahead of the stance, a little away from the front foot. Take the outside-in backswing. Rotate your hands completely towards your back for a higher swing.

The downswing should be aligned with the movement of your feet. When you bring your hands down the club face must remain open right up to the end of the swing.

The bunker shot

Amateur golfers are too cared of this shot. Place the golf ball forward of your stance. The clubface should be open for the golf swing. Rotate your upper body such that the face does not block your swing. When you take the downswing, you must strike the club at the sand instead of the ball at impact. The perfect bunker shot will help the ball to land on the golf greens avoiding the bunkers.