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Exercises For Golfers: 10 Ideas To Help You Build Your Workout Program

Golf is a game of brawn as much as it’s a game of brains. The current generation of golfers has understood the importance of building strength to lower their scores. Any workout won’t do. Golfers need exercises that would help them with their game. Below, we present 10 ideas to help you build your workout program. To see better results, try these workouts five times a week.

Mini-Band Forward Walk

In this simple workout routine, you place two mini-bands around your legs and walk forward, taking baby steps to tone your glutes and improve your balance while swinging the club hard. Place a band around the ankles and the other just above the knee. With the mini-bands in place walk forward; swing your elbows back and front, keep your knees bent, and the back must be straight. Take ten steps to complete one set.

Mini-Band Sideways Walk

This one is not much different from the above mentioned workout. After placing the mini-bands around the ankles and near the knee, move sideways. This time also, swing the elbows, front and back and try to keep the legs straight. Take ten steps to the right and then to the left; this completes one set. The mini-band sideways walk workout will strengthen a number of muscles, including the glutes, quads, groin, hips, and legs.

Hip Crossovers

A Hip Crossover workout is an excellent exercise to strengthen your hip muscles so you can improve your backswing and follow-through. Lie on your back, keep your palms down on the sides. Slowly flex the knees till the heels and toes are resting flat on the floor. This is the normal position. Now, turn your hips and legs till they touch the ground on your left side. Again, go back to the normal position and from there turn the hips and knees to touch the ground on your right. Go back to neutral to complete one set.

Glute Bridges

For this workout assume the position mentioned above – back to the ground, hands on the side, knees flexed, and toes and heels flat on the ground. From the neutral position, squeeze the butt muscles and raise them off the ground till the whole body weight rests only on the shoulders and feet. Maintain this position for 5 seconds and go back to normal or neutral. Repeat the routine ten times to complete one set. This exercise will tone your lower back and hamstring muscles.

Inverted Hamstring Stretch

The inverted hamstring stretch is not for everyone. Begin by standing straight and extend your arms on the sides. Slowly balancing your weight of your body on the left leg, flex your waist and lean forward. At the same time extend the right leg backwards till your right leg and torso are parallel to the floor. Maintain this airplane like posture for 3-5 seconds and go back to normal. Next, repeat the routine with your left leg. Six repetitions of this routine make up one set.

Quadruped Rocking

Get down on your hands and knees, with knees under hips and hands under shoulders. Your back must be parallel to the ground. Now, move your hips back, until the lower end of your butt touches the heels. Return to the normal positions. This exercise stretches and strengthens the lower back muscles. Repeat the routine ten times to complete one set.

Lateral Squat

With your feet more than a shoulder width apart, assume a relaxed stance. From this neutral position, bend your left knee and move hips to the left side. The bent left leg, stretched right leg (hypotenuse side), and the floor (adjacent side) must form a right-angled triangle. Maintain this position for 5-10 seconds and assume the normal position. Repeat this with the other leg. Do this workout ten times to complete one set.

Knee Hugs

Stand straight with the arms in a relaxed position on the sides. Slowly raise your right knee and lift the right leg up till the knee is close to your body. Grab the right knee and hold it for 10 seconds. Go back to the neutral position and repeat the same routine with the left leg. Six repetitions of the workout complete one set. The knee hugs exercise will help tone up your hip muscles, hamstrings, and glutes.

Medicine Ball Perpendicular Throw

For this exercise use a medium size medicine ball; the basketball size would serve your purpose well. Think that you’re going to play a normal golf stroke. Get in position with a golf stance and instead of the golf club hold the medicine ball. Now, swing the ball and throw it against a solid wall. When the ball bounced back try to catch it. Repeat this throw and catch ten times to complete one set.

T-Hip Rotations

Stand on your right leg and slowly bend your torso forward and at the same time raise the left leg up. Your body should be T shaped with your right leg acting as the pillar balancing your weight. With your left hand hold a chair for support. Initially, your left toe must point towards the side. Now, rotate your hips to 90 degrees till the left toe points upward. Go back to the normal position. Repeat this with each leg. This exercise will strengthen the adductor muscle and stretch your hip muscles.